If you are interested in a commissioned painting, please fill out the form below and Martha will get back to you with a personal email. This form serves as a starting point to get the conversation going about what painting works best for you!

Name *
Please provide a description of what type of painting you are interested in. For example, do you have a specific size in mind, a specific style or color scheme. Are there past paintings of mine that you like the most? What type of room is this for? The more information you can provide the better.
Do you want it framed?
With commissioned paintings, Martha can have the work framed and then shipped to you (added fees will apply), or she can ship the work to you un-framed and can suggest framing options. The third option is to have Martha send it to Frame bridge for an affordable framing option (added fees will apply). Let her know what you are leaning towards and you can walk through the options together in more detail.
A good way to estimate the frame size is to use painter's tape on your wall to see how the dimensions look. In terms of frames, are you interested in a white frame, a maple wood frame? Do you want a traditional mat border or a three-dimensional float mount?
What is the estimated paper size you're looking for? If you only know the frame size, Martha can suggest a suitable art size.
Please list colors that you are interested in? Cool tones? Warm tones? Bright or soft? Feel free to list titles of my past work of colors that you like. For example, "I like the pinks in Sea Land Sky 52 and the greens in Shorelines 6".
Do you have a deadline you are trying to meet? Martha has a typical timeline for commissions, but she will do her best to work with you if you have a specific install date.
If you are an interior designer, please provide your resale # and a link to your website to waive sales tax and to receive a trade discount.